New User Account Activation



For New User Account Activation, click "Manage RAM ID" Button (All New Students, Faculty and Staff)


Accessing RAM ID Portal

1.     Go to CCSF website

2.     Click on MyCCSF link (upper right corner)

3.     Click on RAM ID Self Service link under Service and Email section.

You should be redirected to the following page:



Student Format: W00000001, @00000001, etc.


Faculty/Staff Format: CCSFP\jsmith

NOTE: Faculty/Staff will be required to prefix  the username with "CCSF\"



  1. What is your Student/Employee Number?
  2. What is your Last Name?
  3. What is your Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)?

  1. Once all three questions are answered, the “Continue” button will become available
  1. Please note the following requirements for passwords:
  1. Also note: If the data entered does NOT match the database this error will be displayed, Please contact CCSF Central Helpdesk @ (844) 693- 3457.